A1000 – Crane & Hoist


The A1000 is the premium AC drive from Yaskawa. It provides great operation reliability, environmental benefits, and energy savings as well as many other user-oriented operational features that make it a first-class choice.

YASKAWA A1000 Inverters for Crane and Hoist provide an easy solution to the special demands of crane applications, for hoisting but also traveling movements. It’s proven motor control secures enough torque at any condition while numerous valuable features like the built in brake control, over load detection and others make sure the load is safely moved.

Technical Details


  • 200% Starting Torque and 150% Overload for 1 min. secures reliable movement also under heavy load conditions
  • Full torque at zero speed* for brake operation during standstill increases brake lifetime and softens the movement (*requires speed sensor)
  • Smooth motor operation reduces wear and tear of machines while transported goods are treated more gently
  • Built-In brake control for safe brake operation: Independent Open/Close settings for optimal timing, Motor circuit check before brake lifting, Brake feedback signal monitoring
  • Automatic overload tripping prevention by lengthening acceleration and limiting the speed at heavy load condition
  • Ultra-Lift Function shortens cycle times and increases productivity by speeding up the hoist at light load conditions
  • Built-in overload / overweight detection and over-travel limit prevent dangerous operation states
  • Automatic load sharing between multiple drives for long and cross travel without tilting
  • Built-in functional safety (STO, Safe Torque Off) does away with motor contactors reducing cost while improving machine reliability

The special software and hardware which allows 200% Starting Torque and 150% Overload for 1 min. secures reliable movement also under heavy load conditions. The YASKAWA A1000-0048 can be used in temperatures up to 60°C and is therefore perfect for the extreme weather conditions in the Middle East. 

To highlight our confidence and trust in the YASKAWA A1000-0048 a extended warranty of up to 4 years is granted at no extra cost.It is available in three-phase up to 630kW, is the replacement for the highly successful YASKAWA G7 range of inverters and has exceptionally easy set-up (plug and play). The YASKAWA A1000-0048 is available as standard IP20 (NEMA Type 1) / IP00 version.

Technical Details
TypeHigh performance vector control AC drive
Range0.4kW to 630kW
Motor TypePermanent magnet motor, Induction motor
ControlV/f Control, V/f Control with PG, Open Loop Vector Control, Closed Loop Vector Control, Open Loop Vector for PM, Closed Loop Vector for PM, Advanced Open Loop Vector for PM
Frequency Control Range0.01 to 400 Hz
Braking TorqueDrives of 200/400 V 30 kW or less have a built-in braking transistor.
Ambient Temperature−10 to +50°C (open chassis), −10 to +40°C (NEMA Type 1)
StandardsCE, UL, cUL, RoHS, Germanischer Lloyd
Protection DesignIP00 open-chassis, IP20, NEMA Type 1 enclosure, IP54 Wall Mount, IP54 Ready, IP23/IP54 Floorstanding Panels
Control Inputs8 digital, 3 analog, 1 pulse
Control Outputs3relay, 2 analog, 1 pulse