GULF-TECH Automation YASKAWA supports its customers by delivering high quality products and solutions. We offer you with Standard and Customized product solutions, lifting industry to the next level.

Stand Alone Low Harmonic Solutions

Whenever there is use of VFD’s the harmonics are produced. Harmonics pollute the electrical environment and causes interruptions, interference with the electrical network and damage to the electronics components. Harmonics also cause overheating of transformers, cables, motors, generators, and capacitors. The components are designed in such a manner to tolerate the harmonics which can lead to oversizing and thus increasing the cost.

Gulf Tech Automation, can offer different solutions to tackle the harmonics issues. We can provide solutions using our Yaskawa products and using the products from our other European partners.

The solution that we can provide to manage the harmonics issues are

  • Yaskawa U1000 Low Harmonic standalone regenerative matrix technology VFD
  • Made in Germany REO PASSIVE filters – This solution can be packaged in our facilities and economical solution for the low harmonics standalone VFD can be provided.
  • Yaskawa VFD with Yaskawa D1000 regenerative converter unit – The D1000 low harmonics solution can be provided as a packaged solution with our Yaskawa VFD’s or can be supplied individually to use in the existing system.
  • Made in Sweden COMSYS AFE filters

Customized VFD & Starter Panels

Control panels are considered as a prime factor in the control systems.

Customized control panels are majorly used solutions to meet the specified requirements. Customization of panels are done strictly considering the industrial standards & environmental conditions.

Gulf Tech Automation, can offer customized VFD & starter panels for customers depending on the specifications and standards. We can provide solutions using products from our esteemed partners. We understand our client requirements and will come up with a design for application with specified standard. Further we can modify the design based on the customer feedback. We can manufacture and deliver the quality product to the customer within the specified time limit.

Robotic Systems

YASKAWA MOTOMAN offers robotic systems for material handling and assembly, painting, welding or cutting, packaging and palletising.

Highest quality coupled with outstanding performance

  • Manufacturing companies all over the world integrate material handling robots into their systems due to their speed, precision and cost-effectiveness.
  • Painting or coating production tasks are exactly what robots are designed for. Robots also spray on solvent-based paints with or without high voltage, always achieving the same results.
  • MOTOMAN features special welding robots, high-quality positioners and gantry systems as well as state-of-the-art customer-specific solutions. 
  • Yaskawa has long established itself as a reliable automation partner in the world of modern packaging technology, with today’s powerful motion controllers and drive systems combined with a wide range of robot solutions designed specifically for packaging systems to enable quick and convenient machine solutions.
  • Although a MOTOMAN robotic system is extremely fast, its high precision and well-coordinated movements along the path save a considerable amount of time and reduce waste. 

Switchgear Assembly

GULF-TECH Automation Switchgear division offers high end solutions. Our extensive knowledge in building solutions for different applications helps us to efficiently integrate products in our electrical panels to ensure smooth operations and superior performance.

  • Provides design and engineering support.
  • Ensure the industrial standards and specifications.
  • Customized solutions based on the customer requirement.
  • Right selection of products to meet the requirements.
  • Assembling, Testing, Verification and Troubleshooting is done.
  • Full technical assistance is provided.

We manufacture high quality electrical products to the industry, get to know about the customer specific requirement through site inspection by our technical team and offers you most reliable and economical solutions that lead the market.

Crane and hoist, conveyor, elevators and escalators, Marine, packaging, textile industries, extruders, water treatment, paper mills, compressors etc., are some of the leading application areas we have been working on with our product portfolio.

Retrofits & Modernization

Regular Downtime, less efficiency badly affects the productivity and economic resources of industries. To further improve the efficiency of the equipment, modernization and retrofits have to be performed at regular intervals. In the era of Industrial revolution the modernization of each equipment is necessary for the industries to improve the performance and make it more competitive in the market.

We can integrate leading technology to the existing system, adapting the product to next level in the industry. Modernization increases the life span of the machine as well as reducing the maintenance cost.

One of GULF-TECH Automation’s key expertise is the replacement of other brands. Our technicians are specialized in exchanging other brands or makes through products from our product portfolio. This replacement includes analysis of your current system with electrical / control diagrams and other documentation.