R1000 Drive

The R1000 regenerative braking unit is a smart and efficient alternative to dynamic braking for single or multi-axis drive installations with a high amount regenerative motor operation.

Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and systems of inverter drives, servo axis or robots, the R1000 feeds excess braking energy back into the power grid instead of dissipating it as heat.

Technical Details
  • Replacing braking resistors saves space and facilitates installation
  • Since the resistors do not generate heat, less cooling is required for the switch cabinet; this saves energy and reduces costs
  • Provides regenerative energy for other consumers in the plant and, thus, reduces the total power consumption of buildings or factories
  • Allows 4-quadrant-operation without braking resistors

R1000 saves energy by making excessive braking energy available to other consumers in the same grid instead of wasting it as heat. R1000 provides high duty cycle braking capabiltiy, thus it can shorten machine cycles and increase productivity of machinery.

For a Wide Range of Applications

Using the R1000 Regenerative Unit saves energy and thereby money within a broad range of applications.
This includes applications with large-inertia loads, 4-quadrant loads, long-term energy feedback and quick braking.

Technical Details
TypeRegenerative Unit
Range3.7kW to 315kW
Control Method120° excitation method
Ambient Temperature-10 to +50 °C (open chassis)
StandardsUL508C, IEC 61800-5-1, IEC 61800-3, RoHS
Protection DesignIP00 Open Type enclosure, Indoor use (Protected from corrosive gases and dust)
Control Inputs8digital, 3analog(V/I)
Control Outputs4relay, 2analog(V/I)