Most of the industries have number of electrical drives and other switching devices installed in crucial equipment, this creates disturbances

Causing a variety of problems, like

We understand the critical role that power quality plays in the seamless operation of your facility. As part of our comprehensive Power Quality (PQ) services, we specialize in conducting PQ audits with a specific focus on identifying the root causes of harmonics

Why Choose Our PQ Audits?


Expert Analysis

Our team of professionals brings extensive experience in the field of Power Quality, ensuring reliable and effective solutions.

Advanced Tools

Advanced technology

Advanced Tools

We ensure accurate measurements and precise data collection during our audits. This allows us to pinpoint the sources and types of harmonics affecting your power quality. up to 49th Harmonics.

customised solution

Customized Solutions

We understand that every client’s needs are unique. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your specific power quality requirements.

We specialize in delivering Power Quality (PQ) services designed to optimize your electrical systems. 

Our PQ Measurements and Improvement solutions includes:

1. Comprehensive PQ Services


Identifying the Root Cause Analysis in PQ


Real-time PQ Monitoring for Industries and Utilities


Advanced PQ & Harmonic Simulation Studies

2. PQ System Integration – Partnering with COMSYS

In collaboration with COMSYS, we bring you a powerful synergy of expertise and products. COMSYS is a leader in the Power Quality Solutions domain, offering


  • Extensive range of Products: Explore COMSYS extensive range of power quality solutions, including Active Dynamic Filters, Static Var Generators, Dynamic Voltage Restorers, and more, renowned for their reliability and efficiency.
  • Innovative & Advanced Technologies: Experience advanced solutions by combining the expertise of GULF TECH AUTOMATION with COMSYS’ technologies for unmatched power quality enhancement
COMSYS ADF Technology

Active Dynamic Filtering (ADF) is an adaptable, powerful low harmonic solution that can solve all of these problems. It is patented technology that makes energy more efficient for our customers in the marine, data center, water treatment, renewable energy, process and other industries.

Engineered and manufactured in SWEDEN
comsys PP300
ADF – makes energy more efficient

ADF Product Range

ADF P25 [30 A]

The ADF P25 active filter gives you everything in a compact format. Although compact and cost-effective, the ADF P25 features the same excellent cutting-edge performance as its bigger family members.

ADF P100 [50-150 A]

P100 active filters give you the compensation capabilities you need in a compact cabinet. It’s small and cost-effective, but the ADF P100 features the cutting-edge performance you can expect with ADF.

ADF P200 [120 A]

The ADF P200 is the powerhouse you need when all else fails. It reads faster and corrects faster than other solutions, but its true specialty is eliminating resonances and mitigating interharmonics.

ADF PPM300 - Integrator friendly

The ADP PPM300 inverter module is one of the key components of the ADF System Integration Program. Designed for easy integration into electrical cabinets and motor control centers, this component enables you to build your own active harmonic filter or low harmonic solution.

ADF P25 [90-450 A]

The ADF P300 is the ideal active filter for small and medium size commercial and industrial loads. It is a versatile solution and the best choice for most application because it is such a flexible active filter.


ADF P700 - Statcom

The ADF P700 STATCOM is a high power, utility grade, medium voltage STATCOM for heavy industrial loads. It is ideal for dynamic reactive compensation, flicker mitigation, and harmonic suppression in applications such as electric arc furnaces (EAFs), cranes, hoists and wind farms. In such industries with such a high power demand, there is a concurrent need for a powerful power quality solution. That’s when you need the STATCOM.