IP 54, Two-channel control

The REOVIB MTS 442 control device has two power outputs that can be linked according to the the application requirements (e.g. bowl and linear conveyors). All parameters can be input via a display integrated into the faceplate. Connections with other equipment in the REOVIB MTS series can be implemented quickly and easily. Application-specific settings can be stored and retrieved when required.

Technical Details

Unique Selling Point

  • Phase-angle control with programmable functions
  • Two-channe control for the optimal control of the complete conveyor system
  • Automatic mains voltage adjustment
  • Material flow control
  • Various sensor logic functions can be set
  • Adjustable soft start
  • With fill level/overflow control 
  • Integrated mains voltage compensation with constant vibration amplitude

The equipment is available in a standalone IP54 housing with various connection options:

  • Input cable/output socket
  • Complete cable connection solution for mains, output and control connections

Typical applications

  • Conveyor & assembly automation
  • Conveyor technology
  • Sieving technology
  • Filling & packaging technology

Technical Detail