Compensation current transformer

WKO series

Closed-loop converter

The REO current transformers of the WKO series work according to the proven compensation principle and are suitable for measuring direct and alternating currents.

The primary current generates the magnetic flux in the ferromagnetic core, which is compensated by a secondary coil. The current evaluation is realized with an electronic circuit and a Hall sensor. The secondary compensation current is an exact image of the primary current to be measured.

WKO series
Technical Details

According to:

  • EN50178
  • EN50121, EN55011
  • IEC61869-1, IEC61869-8, IEC61010-1 
  • UL94-V0 – UL standard: all components are UL listed


  • Measurement of direct, alternating and mixed currents
  • Very high accuracy and short response time
  • Broad frequency spectrum and low temperature drift
  • Very good linearity and overcurrent-proof
  • No additional losses in the measuring circuit (DC up to 150 kHz)
  • Current output for long transmission distances
  • High quality insulation materials listed according to UL (e.g. UL94VO)
  • Robust housing designs (horizontal or vertical mounting)
  • Variable connections such as terminals, plugs, flat plugs or cables
  • Versatile range of housings with different push- through openings
Mode of Action
Technical Detail
Primary Nominal Current25 – 2000 A
Frequency range100,000 – 200,000 Hz
Ambient Temperature25 ° C… + 70 ° C
Storage Temperature25 ° C… + 85 ° C