REOVIB RTS System Single

IP 00, cabinet mounting version

RTS SYSTEM expansion module in open design for assembly on a DIN rail. The expansion module has an output channel max. 6A with fill level/overflow control and mains voltage compensation and can be set up together with the basic module and several expansion modules.

Individual REOVIB RTS SINGLE device in open design for assembly on a DIN rail with an output channel of max. 6A, fill level/overflow control and mains voltage compensation.

Technical Details

Unique Selling Point

  • Cost-effective phase-angle control systems with protection class IP00 for installation in a control cabinet
  • Can be used as a standalone device or in a modular design for several outputs
  • Output current up to 6A
  • Fill level/overflow control 
  • Mains voltage compensation with constant vibration amplitude
  • Adjustable soft start ramp time

Typical applications

  • Conveyor & assembly automation
  • Conveyor technology
  • Sieving technology
RTS System Single

Technical Details
Mains input110 / 230V switchable
Mains frequency50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
Output voltage20…100 V / 40…210 V
Output currentmax. 6 A
Vibration frequency50 / 100 Hz (60 / 120 Hz )
Setpoint valuePotentiometer, 0…10V,
0…20 mA
Ext. Enable24 V DC, Switch 
Umin / UmaxInternal potentiometer
Soft startAdjustable 0,2…5 sec.
Max. output current from all outputs
Mains voltage compensationx
Fill level/overflow control x
Standards ConformityCE, RoHS
Protection classIP00