REOWAVEpassive 60 Hz (IP20)

CNW 8981- 60 Hz

Reduce Harmonics – save up to 30% energy costs.

The REOWAVE®passive filters harmonics caused by  the B6 circuit (thyristor, diode bridge, etc.) and motor drives. The supply network is relieved by compensating the harmonics reactive power. This enables cost savings in material selection and energy consumption. Starting currents and current peaks are greatly attenuated.

CNW 8981 - 60 Hz
Technical Details

This increases the service life and reliability of electrical systems. Due to the compact and ready-build  an easy installation is possible.

The REOWAVE®passive helps to comply with international power quality standards IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3.

Unique Selling Point

In addition to providing excellent harmonic filtering performance, the REOWAVEpassive can also be supplied with these additional options:

  • Overcurrent indication signals
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Floating signalling contacts
  • Automatic disconnection of the filter in the event of a system problem
  • Reduction of the THDI value
  • Increasing network stability
  • Reduction of input current up to 30%
  • Suitable for installation in control cabinets
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Increased reliability of electrical installations
  • Optional with overcurrent signal to monitor the filter effect

The options allow optimisation of the mains network quality and overall system security and allow better monitoring by a PLC or supervisory system.

Technical Details
Nominal voltage
Rated current
 9 – 1200 A
Test voltage
L-L 2500 V, DC 1min; L-PE 2500 V, DC 1min
Insulation class
T40 / F
Climate class
 IEC 60068-1 DIN
IP20 (also available as IP00 version)
IEEE 519, EN 61000-3-12, EN 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-4