REOVIB WI 421 – 3000/6000 1/min

AC Magnets are intended for installation in vibrating conveyor systems that are used in material supply and conveying engineering technology.

he complete AC magnet consists of the core that carries the coil and the accompanying armature.
Alongside our standard product range from 5 VA to 4000 VA, we also offer customer-specific specialised solutions.


Unique Selling Point

  • Corrosion protection by means of nickel plating
  • Optimal size/performance ratio
  • Good adjustability
  • Maximum power 1360 VA
  • Also for low frequency applications
  • Maximum tractive power 8000 N
  • Low Profile


Packaging industry and weighing sector for feeding and sorting processes, Automation process and assembly equipment which utilises electromagnetic drives.

Particularly suited for the food processing sector and the pharmaceutical sector