The REOVIB MFS 368 series of frequency inverters offer the possibility of operating the vibratory feeder at an optimum vibratory frequency for the material to be processed – with a wide input voltage range from 110V to 230V and completely independent of the frequency of the supplying electrical
network. In addition, it is possible to automatically determine the resonant frequency of the oscillation system and to control the oscillation amplitude to constant values using the method patented by REO


Technical Details

Furthermore, various sensor and valve logic connections canbe programmed. The devices can optionally be equipped with fieldbus interfaces and are (also  optionally) available as UL/CSA certified versions.

The devices of the REOVIB MFS 368 series are available with a max. output current of 3A, 6A, 8A as IP20 variant for switch cabinet installation as well as IP54 housing version.

 The IP54 enclosures can be supplied with various connection options:

  • Input- and output cable
  • Input cable and output plug
  • Completely pluggable with input- and output plug and sensor connectors

Unique Selling Point

  • Reduction of harmonics and thus of mains interferences
  • Energy efficiency through reactive power compensation
    Only pure active power is taken from the supply network
  • Output voltage of 205V with an input voltage range from 110V to 230V
  • LCD display with full text menu
  • Short-circuit detection
  • Output current limitation
  • Possibility (as an option) of connecting an external thermal contact for temperature monitoring of the magnets
  • Extra 24V valve outlet as an option
  • Interchangeable fieldbus interface
    The REOVIB MFS 368 can be configured according to your requirements
Technical Details
Input voltage110V…  230V
Mains frequency50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
Output voltage0…205 V
Output current3 A / 6 A / 8 A (12A, 16A and 32A in
Vibration frequency5…150 Hz (Optional 300 Hz)
Setpoint settingLCD display, 0…10V, 0…20mA, 4…20mA
Status signalRelay changer 250 V, 1A *¹
Ready signalRelay changer 250 V, 1A *¹
Ext. release24 V DC, switch
Valve outlet24 V, 150 mA
Sensor supply24 V DC
Setting Umin / Umax LCD Display
Soft startadjustable 0…60 sec.
Soft stopadjustable 0…60 sec.
Level control/switching circuit PNP, 24 V DC
Coarse/fine controlx
Amplitude controlx
Resonance frequency searchx
Resonance frequency controlx
Selectable cycle operationx
Sensor – Time Out control *²x
Short-circuit detectionx
Output current limitationx
Connection for thermal contact for
Magnet temperature monitoring (option)
Extra 24V valve outlet as an optionx
Field bus interfacesEtherNet/IP, EtherCat, CAN-Bus,
Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Profinet
Standard ConformityCE, RoHS (UL in the planning stage)
Protection classIP20 / IP54
Ambient temperature0…40 °C
*¹ IP54 – 24V
*² IP54