Frequency converters in the REOVIB MFS 268 series for vibratory conveyor technology offer the option of operating the vibratory conveyor at an optimal vibration frequency for the material – completely independently of the frequency of the electrical mains supply. 

Technical Details

It is moreover possible, thanks to the system patented by REO, to determine the resonant frequency of the vibratory system automatically and to regulate the vibration amplitude to constant values. In addition, various sensor and valve logic links can be programmed. Devices can optionally be equipped with field bus interfaces, and are also available as versions with UL/CSA certification. 


Devices in the REOVIB MFS 268 series are available with a max. output current of 3A, 6A and 8A as IP20 versions for installation in switch cabinets, and also as IP54 case designs.

Unique Selling Point

  • REO frequency units are able to control a  vibratory conveyor independently of the mains input frequency
  • Automatic search of the resonant frequency of the vibratory conveyor system (with additional vibration amplitude sensor) and option of regulating vibration amplitude – Able to regulate the vibration amplitude to maintain a constant feedrate irrespective of load or changes in the mechanical system
  • Can be supplied with field bus interfaces: ProfiNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CAN-Bus, ProfiBus, DeviceNet 
  • Optional versions available with UL/CSA accreditation
  • Conveyor frequencies adjustable between 5…300 Hz
  • Mains voltage compensation with constant vibration amplitude
  • All settings can be made using the integrated display
  • Sinusoidal output current
  • Can be used on 110 V or 240 V autom. Detection 
  • User settings can be stored
  • Fill level/overflow control 
  • Versions available in various protection classes and with various connection options
  • MFS 269 is availble with AC output signal for use with permanent-magnet armature.
REOVIB MFS 268 CAN bus, DeviceNet, EtherCAT & ProfiNet slave interface

Technical Details
Mains input110 / 230V
Mains frequency50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
Output voltage0…100 V / 0…205 V
Output currentmax. 3 A / 6 A / 8 A
Vibration frequency5…150 Hz (Optional 300 Hz)
Setpoint valueDisplay, Potentiometer,
0…10V, 0…20 mA
Status signalChangeover relay 250 V, 1A
Ext. Enable  24 V DC, Switch 
Valve output24 V, 150 mA (Option)
Sensor supply24 V DC
Setting Umin / Umax LED-Display
Soft startAdjustable 0…5 sec.
Fill level/overflow control PNP, 24 V DC
Coarse/fine controlx
Vibration amplitude regulationx
Resonant frequency searchx
Selectable timer functionx
Sensor time out monitorx
Mains voltage compensationx
Field bus interfacesEtherNet/IP, EtherCat,
CAN-Bus, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet
Standard ConformityUL (Option), CE, RoHS
Protection classIP20 / IP54