IP 54 or IP 20, frequency-control

Frequency converters in the REOVIB MFS 158 series for vibratory conveyor technology offer the option of operating the vibratory conveyor at an optimal vibration frequency for the material – completely independently of the mains input frequency.

Technical Details

Devices in the REOVIB MFS 158 series are available with a max. output current of 4A, as IP20 versions for installation in control cabinets, and as IP54 standalone versions.

IP 54 available with:

  • Input cable/output socket
  • Complete cable connection solution for mains, output and control connections

Unique Selling Point

  • Inexpensive frequency-control devices with the vital functionality
  • Frequency-control device for controlling a vibratory conveyor independently of the mains input frequency
  • Conveyor frequencies adjustable between 35…140 Hz
  • Mains voltage compensation with constant vibration amplitude
  • All settings can be made using the integrated display
  • Sinusoidal output current
  • Can be used on 110 V or 240 V mains, auto sensing.
  • User settings can be stored
  • With fill level/overflow control 
  • Versions available in various protection classes and with various connection options
Technical Detail
Mains input110 / 230V Auto Detect
Mains frequency50 / 60 Hz +/- 3 Hz
Output voltage20…100 V / 40…210 V
Output currentmax. 4 A
Vibration frequency 35…140 Hz
Setpoint valueDisplay, Potentiometer,
0…10V, 0…20 mA
Status signal24 V DC
Ext. Enable24 V DC, Switch 
Sensor supply24 V DC
Setting Umin / Umax Display
Soft start Adjustable 0…5 Sec.
With fill level/
overflow control 
PNP, 24 V DC
Mains voltage
Standards ConformityCE, RoHS
Protection class IP20 / IP54