REOVIB Accelerometers SW


REOVIB acceleration sensors contain a piezoelectric accelerator element with a downstream amplifier. The accelerations are recorded by the piezo element and are translated into a voltage proportional to the acceleration.

The sensors could for example be used for the regulation and monitoring of conveyor drives, for the recording of mechanical vibrations or for the monitoring of acceleration or braking effects.

Technical Details

Sensor for measuring accelerations in the range of 0 … 35 g (frequency dependent). The sensor includes a piezoelectric element with a downstream amplifier acceleration . The accelerations are detected by the piezoelectric element and converted into a voltage proportional to the acceleration.

The amplifier takes the measurement signal in a form of 100 /150/ 300 /600/ 2000 mV / g. All components are housed in a robust aluminum housing and completely sealed. The electrical connection is via a 4-wire (or 3 -wire), shielded cable. The shield must be grounded at the signal processing device .


  • Control and monitoring of conveyor drives
  • Detection of mechanical vibrations
  • Monitoring of acceleration or braking action

Unique Selling Point

  • Aluminium Case
  • Low-cost versions Available
  • For harsh Environmental conditions ( optional)
  • Low weight
  • Plug + Play functionality with REOVIB MFS 168 + 268 controllers and measuring devices REOVIB 6050 and 6100

Technical Details

Technical data

 TypeSW ….
Operating voltage            +24 V DC
Output voltage                        100 / 150 / 300 / 600 / 2000 mV / g
Measuring range      0…35 g (frequency-dependent)
Ambient temperature   0…+45 °C
Output current          2 mA