The FSDrive-MV1S inverter is the result of Yaskawa’s search for an inverter that is both easy to use and offers improved operability and monitoring.

By using the FSDrive-MV1S with either general purpose machines or those powered by wind or water, you can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions to help stop global warming while still maintaining a comfortable environment and optimum operating conditions in industrial fields.

Technical Details

The Latest Technology Brings Even More Stable Operation.

New functions, such as high-level control, excessive deceleration prevention to avoid overvoltage during deceleration, speed search at momentary power loss, overload operation for quick acceleration in cement mixer drives and similar equipment, V/f control for multiple motor operation and more, make the FSDrive-MV1S even easier to use.

Each individual power cell can be removed for maintenance, and the enhanced trace function also simplifies maintenance and monitoring. PWM control with multi-output connected in a series for optimum operation conditions and global conservation.

Easy Monitoring of Operation Status

The enhanced trace function and LAN compatibility enable you to easily monitor the operation status for protective maintenance and quick intervention.

Easy Application to Existing Motors

By employing the multiple PWM control, sinusoidal wave voltage is output to the Inverter without a filter.
Therefore; the following features have been achieved:

  • Free from oscillation surge voltage affecting the motor
  • Low torque ripple good for loads
  • Noise as low as commercial power supply operation
  • The existing motors or wiring cables can be used without being modified.

Technical Details
Standard Specifications
Range3kV:200 to 3000 kVA
6kV:400 to 6000 kVA
Main-circuit Power Supply3kV:3-phase, 3 / 3.3 kV±10%, 50 / 60 Hz±5%
6kV:3-phase, 6 / 6.6 kV±10%, 50 / 60 Hz±5%
MotorInduction Motor (IM)
Control MethodOpen-loop vector control, flux vector control, V/f control (for multiple motor operation)
Frequency Control Range0.01 to 120 Hz
Communication (optional)Applicable to various types such as Modbus, CP-215, CP-218 (Ethernet), and CP-261 (PROFIBUS-DP)
Input TransformerClass H dry type, N/+5% /+10% tap, secondary multi-phase winding
No. of I/O TerminalsDigital input: 10 points: digital output: 8 points: analog input: 2 points : analog output : 2 points
Ambient Temperature−5 to +40°C
EnclosureIP40 (dustproof type)
Inverter Efficiency / Power FactorEfficiency : Approx. 97%, Power Factor: 0.95 or more