The Efficient, Reliable Medium Voltage AC Drive

FSDrive-MV1000 is the latest medium voltage inverter drive series from YASKAWA, equipped with newest technology. It‘s compactness, performance and energy efficiency make it the first choice for cost effective medium voltage solutions.

The Next Generation

Most MV Drives offer energy savings with improved process control. The MV1000 provides these features of course, but leapfrogs the industry with state-of-the-art features and outstanding reliability.

Technical Details

Features of FSDrive MV1000

  • Minimal height and small footprint
  • High-level control
  • Controlled and secure operation at momentary power loss
  • Control multiple motors
  • Minimized harmonics input current as well as output voltage
  • Easily applicable to existing motors
  • High efficiency and high power factor
  • Energy saving by speed control

Compact Design:

Significant downsizing and a draw-out design help this power cell facilitate transportation, installation, and
maintenance. Long-life and highly reliable parts have been stringently selected, and the circuit design simplified for compactness. Drives have evolved into more reliable and space saving FSDrive-MV1000 drives.

Energy Saving:

Promotes energy saving with highly efficient operation. FSDrive-MV1000 realizes the highest levels of efficiency and power factor in the industry. Significant energy saving effects can be achieved.

High Performance:

Offering better performance, functionality, and reliability in low-and medium-voltage drives, and enabling stable continuous operation. Equipped with functions unaffected by fluctuations in power supply and load. Input and output are both sinusoidal waves. FSDrive-MV1000 can be easily introduced into either new or existing facilities without any qualms.

User Friendly:

Operation, adjustment, maintenance, and management are very easy, as with Yaskawa low-voltage drives. FSDrive-MV1000 focuses on ease of use. Adopting the same user interface as Yaskawa low-voltage drives has made it easier to check the operating status and manage parameters.

Employs the Same User Interfaces as Yaskawa‘s 1000 Series Low-voltage Drives

Easy-to-use User Interfaces

A Digital Operator with an easy-to-view LCD display (the same as used on Yaskawa‘s 1000 series low-voltage
drives) is provided on the front panel as standard, making it easy to operate and set the drive.

The engineering tool DriveWizard Plus MV enables consolidated management of the parameters for each drive and makes for easy adjustment and maintenance.

Technical Details
Range3 kV 200 kVA to 3700 kVA
6 kV 400 kVA to 7500 kVA
11 kV 660 kVA to 12000 kVA
MotorsInduction Motor (IM)
Synchronous Motor (PM)
Control MethodOpen-loop vector control, Closed loop vector control, V/f control (for multiple motor operation), Closed loop vector control for SM (option)
Main CircuitVoltage-type PWM control with multiple outputs connected in series (power cell: 3-level output)
Freq. Control Range0.01 to 120 Hz
Standard Communication FunctionsRS-232: Digital operator RS-485: MEMOBUS (Modbus) USB : DriveWizard Plus MV
Input TransformerClass H dry type, –5%/N/ +5% tap, secondary multi-phase winding
Protection DesignIP40 (simplified dustproof type)
Ambient Temperature,
Relative Humidity
–5°C to +40°C, 85% RH max. (no condensing)
Applicable StandardsJIS, JEM, JEC, CE for 6kV. Please contact YASKAWA for CE on 3kV and 10 kV units.