L1000A Lift Drives

Rise To The Top

YASKAWA L1000A is a special lift inverter drive designed for 3 million full load starts at 165% output current and more than 70.000 hrs of maintenance free operation. 

The L1000A is the replacement for the highly successful YASKAWA L7 (many also formerly sold as OMRON L7) range of inverters and has an exceptionally easy set-up (plug and play). It is available in single-phase and three-phase up to 110kW and comes in an IP20 enclosure.

Technical Details

One Drive, Any Lift

L1000A drives provide the right motor control for any lift application. It can drive induction machines and permanent magnet motors. For easy setup in a few minutes L1000A comes with automatic motor and encoder tuning functions that can tune relevant settings in stand still condition of the lift without the need of removing ropes.

  • Precisely controls induction and PM motors
  • X Allows usage of inexpensive incremental
  • encoder with Interior PM motor control
  • X Easy tuning
  • X Smooth ride without bumps and roll-back
  • X Smooth start of gearless machines even without load sensor


The L1000A comes with a sophisticated vector control algorithm and lift dedicated control functions that that assure a bump-free start also without load sensor, smooth speed transition and precise landing. The L1000A make a ride as comfortable as possible.


Setting up an elevator drive can be a real hassle or it can be as easy as with L1000A. Motor data are automatically tuned in stand-still condition without the need to remove ropes, defaults are set to match the needs of most installations and parameters are shown in multi-language lift terminology and units.


The L1000A provides a digital/analogue in- and outputs to connect to a lift controller but also supports DCP3, DCP4* and CANLift. The variety of interfaces allows an easy connection of the L1000A to almost any controller.
*in preparation


The L1000A can completely replace motor contactors. Thus it reduces audible noise, cost, space requirements and maintenance effort without compromising in terms of safety.


The L1000A is available with an EN81-A3 compliant brake monitoring function which replaces external devices and thus reduces cost and wiring effort.


In case of power outage L1000A can simply by supplied by batteries or an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). The drive can automatically evacuate to the light load direction allowing an optimal selection of the components used without any over sizing.

Technical Details
Max. Motor Output (kW)3~200 VAC, 4.0 – 45
3~400 VAC, 4.0 – 110
Applicable MotorInduction Motor (IM), Synchronous Motor (PM)
Ambient Temperature−10 to +50°C (open chassis), −10 to +40°C (NEMA Type 1)
ControlV/f Control, Open Loop Vector (OLV),Closed Loop Vector (CLV),
Closed Loop Vector (CLV) for PM
Braking TorqueDrives of 200/400 V 30 kW or less have a built-in braking transistor.
Control Inputs8 digital (sink/source), 2 analog (current/voltage)
Control Outputs4 digital, 2 analog (current/voltage), 2 photocoupler
Speed control rangeV/f and V/F with PG 1:40, OLV 1:200, CLV 1:1500, CLV and OLV for PM 1:1500
Max. Output Frequency120 Hz
Fieldbus InterfacesRS-232C, RS-422/485 (Memobus/Modbus), CANopen*
StandardsCE, UL/cUL, RoHS, UL508C, EN ISO 13849-1 PLd, IEC/EN61508 SIL2
EnclosureIP20, NEMA1
FunctionsSlip Compensation, Torque Compensation, Preventive Maintenance Functions,RS232C Interface, USB Interface, Battery Rescue Operation