With ratings from 2.2kW to 22kW, the VMX-PFE™ is ideally placed to support smaller AC induction motors. Easy DIN rail mounting makes the VMX-PFE™ the natural choice for distributors and customers alike.

Benefiting from Motortronics’ excellence in engineering, the VMX-PFE™ combines the quality and reliability you have come to expect. This is one product that ticks all the boxes.

  • Internally bypassed
  • Over current protected
  • Designed for panel mounting

Compact Soft Starter

  • Internally Bypassed
    Reduces cost because the soft starter is out of circuit once it has done its job. This reduces cabinet size and the heat produced which again reduces cost.
  • 45mm Wide (Size 1)
    Same width as typical existing control gear for easy connectability and enables a more compact cabinet to be used.
  • Over Current Protected
    Protects the soft starter against use above its duty rating.
  • DIN Rail Mounted
    For easy installation – it just clips on.
1-41 Amp
Operational Voltage
230 – 460 VAC (-15% +10%)
Rated Frequency
50 – 60 Hz +/- 2Hz
Start Time
1 to 30 Seconds
Stop Time
0 to 30 Seconds
Index Rating
Class 2 AC53b: 3-5: 355
Class 10 AC53b: 3-23: 697
Starts per Hour
Up to 60 with Optional Fan
IP Rating
1000m without de-rating
Ambient Temperature
0°C to 40°C without de-rating

Variable Speed Drives are not needed in all applications, with fixed speed loads, a soft starter is a better as well as more economical solution.