The modular control system

200V is a modular control system for centralized and decentralized applications, programmable with WinPLC7 and/or STEP7 from Siemens.

Its compactness in combination with the instruction set of the 300S make it a very efficient system. With a variety of communication and fieldbus modules available, it can be used also for complex system topologies and is in use in thousands of applications worldwide.

The sophisticated module concept enables the customized deployment in nearly every application up to the middle power range

Technical Details

200V: CPUs

Central Processing Units (CPU) control and regulate processes in plant and machinery. The CPUs are selected according to application with the appropriate performance and work memory and can be extended with signal and function modules, as well as communication processors.

The system 200V CPUs are designed for small and medium-sized applications and represent as universal automation systems an ideal solution for applications in centralized and decentralized structures.

For the construction of the control a wide CPU-range in various performance classes are available. The various CPUs differ in work memory, address range, number of connections and processing time.

The CPUs of the system 200V are particularly suitable for industrial use and for general control and automation tasks in the medium performance range.

Features VIPA 200V

Innovative data saving concept
  • Integrated work memory – operation without additional memory card!
  • Integrated ROM memory for continuous saving of program and data
  • Integrated battery backed RAM memory
  • Support of standard MMC cards for saving program and data
Comprehensive communication capability and modern protocols
  • MPI interface on board
  • Ethernet on board, ISO on TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, RFC1006, ModBUS on TCP
  • Support of  ProfiBus, ProfiBus DP, CANopen, DeviceNET, CANbus, INTERbus
High flexibility in use & application
  • Centrally and decentrally deployable
  • Finely divided, binary up to 8 DIO
  • Modularly expandable
  • Centrally deployable up to 32 modules, directly on the CPU!
Long-term investment security 
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance-free cage clamps
  • Front connector included
  • 35mm DIN rail mounting
  • 24 month warranty
  • Certifications: cULus and CE
Technical Details


CPU Type214215
Load Memory [KB]144195
Work Memory [KB]96128
Sub-D Interface11
Serial & fieldbusMPIMPI
Max. Extension
Programming SoftwareSPEED7 Studio
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SPEED7 Studio
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