The compact control system

100V with its compact micro design is programmable with WinPLC7 and/or STEP7 from Siemens. Its high performance is based on the S7 300 instruction set. 

100V offers in addition to its tremendous versatility in use, a nearly unlimited flexibility and high efficiency.

Our Micro PLCs are especially suitable for use in smaller and cost-conscious applications, as the CPUs and fieldbus modules are efficiently expandable up to 160 I/O points by plugging in expansion modules. 

Technical Details

100V: CPUs

Central Processing Units (CPU) control and regulate processes in plant and machinery. The CPUs are selected according to application with the appropriate performance and memory and can be extended with signal and function modules, as well as communication processors.

The 100V compact CPUs (micro-PLC) have already integrated the inputs and outputs and are designed for small to medium applications.

Furthermore, each CPU has a front slot for a memory module as well as an MP2I interface. The CPU11x supports the standard MPI protocol, serial point-to-point communications. Thereby, in connection with the “Green Cable” from VIPA, a direct and cost-effective programming is possible.

The CPU of the system 100V is ideal for use in control systems with a limited number of inputs and outputs, where previously the use of a PLC was dispensed with. Moreover, this CPU series offers the expansion capability with I/O modules of the system 200V.

Features VIPA 100V

Innovative data saving concept
  • Integrated work memory – operation is possible without additional memory card!
  • Integrated ROM memory for continuous saving of program and data
  • Integrated battery backed RAM memory
  • Supports standard MMC cards for saving of program and data
High flexibility in use & application
  • MPI interface on board
  • Centrally and decentrally deployable
  • Flexibly expandable with up to four signal and function modules
Long-term investment security 
  • Maintenance-free cage clamps
  • Front connector included
  • 24 month warranty
  • Certification: cULus and CE
Technical Details