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Super Premium Efficiency Motor with VFD, Exceeding IE4 Standards for Energy Saving and Less Impact on the Environment

YASKAWA SPRIPM - The High Efficiency AC Motor from YASKAWA

The YASKAWA Motor & Inverter Package was developed to support machine builders in reaching highest efficiency levels. The package consists of a YASAWA SPRiPM (Super-Premium Interior Permanent Magnet Motor), a YASKAWA V1000 Variable Frequency Drive as well as an EMC Filter. With efficiency levels at around 92% this motor significantly improves energy efficiency. The usage is especially recommended for compressors, conveyors, fans, HVAC systems (Air handling units) and pumps. For such applications, short payback periods are guaranteed.

Advantages of this especially developed system are less energy consumption, less space & weight, less costs as well as an easy change over and a long lifetime. The package is an ideal solution for retro-fitting and re-designing operations. Being much lighter and smaller than most standard motors, the SPRiM Motor delivers its high efficiency in a very compact frame size. In addition, standard motors can easily be replaced with SPRiM Motor packages without redesigning the machine. Even more powerful motors can be applied for better productivity. With these features, the SPRiM Motor makes the latest drive technology available for new or existing applications.

To know more about the YASKAWA SPRIPM AC Motor - VFD Package please download the following product brochures:

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (YASKAWA_SPRiPMMotors_v3_0314.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA SPRiPM AC Motor Drive Package Brochure1624 kB

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