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YASKAWA Sigma-5 / Sigma-V Servo Drives and Servo Motors
High Performance, High Efficiency, High Accuracy Servo Systems from YASKAWA
The New YASKAWA Sigma-7 Series
Sets New Standards for Servo-Systems

YASKAWA Sigma-5 & Sigma-7 Servo Systems - A Success Story in Mechatronics

The highly successful YASKAWA Sigma-2 (Sigma-II) Series set new standards in the Servo System field in the past. The Sigma-5 Servo Drive Series continues with this tradition of innovation. Today YASKAWA servo technology covers a broad power range and a multitude of industrial applications. Beginning with the Sigma-5 mini rated at 3.3 W up to the Sigma-5 Large Capacity motors and amplifiers with a rating of 55 kW. The brand new YASKAWA Sigma-7 series sets the bar even higher.

The YASKAWA Sigma-5 Servo Drive series offers standard rotary motors as well as linear and rotary direct drives and linear sliders. This broad variety of drive systems covers all market demands with regard to compact size, high dynamics, high efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding reliability. The most impressive feature of the Sigma-5 series is a positioning accuracy of up to 10 nm with standard products, while offering shortest positioning times. The well known YASKAWA auto-tuning functions enable a complete servo axis set-up in a high dynamic performance machine in less than two hours – compared to more than eight hours needed by other solutions currently available in the market.In short, Sigma-5 offers precise positioning at high speed, smooth, vibration-free operation and easy start-up. Result: Reduced cycle time – maximum throughput, improved product quality, enhanced machine wear resistance, shortened initial set-up time, lower life cycle cost.

In the YASKAWA Sigma-7 System YASKAWA has improved the function for tuning-free operation even further. Without adjusting gains reliable operation is assured. So a machine can run free of any vibrations even with a inertia-to-loads ratio of 30:1. The system also operates reliably with dynamic load changes. The tuning functions of the Sigma-5 series have also been significiantly improved and allow time-saving start-up.The Sigma-7 servodrives comply with today’s standards of functional safety. They are certified for SIL 3, PL-e Category 3 for Stop Category 0 (Safe Torque Off). Optionally, functions like stop categories 1 (SS1) and 2 (SS2) as well as Safely Limited Speed (SLS) are available. The Sigma-7 motors provide high efficiency: the length is reduced by up to 20% compared to Sigma-5 motors with same capacity, and heat generation is significiantly reduced. The motors with their extremely high resolution of 24 bit fulfill the highest requirements of constant velocity and precision.


To know more about the YASKAWA Servo Systems please download the following product brochures:

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Download this file (YASKAWA_Sigma5ServoDrives_v2_0914.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA Sigma-V / Sigma-5 Series Brochure2117 kB
Download this file (YASKAWA_Sigma7ServoDrives_v1_1114.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA Sigma-7 Series Brochure1006 kB

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