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YASKAWA iQPump1000 Special Intelligent Pumping VFD
Wide Range of Pumping Applications from Constant Pressure, Flow, Geothermal, Multiple Pump Booster Systems
Simplex and Multiplex Operation
Coordinate Multiple Pumps with a YASKAWA IQPUMP System

YASKAWA U1000 - The Special Drive for Oustanding Pumping Performance

YASKAWA iQPump1000 (a modified version of YASKAWA P1000) drives offer the most advanced comprehensive pump and motor protection in the industry, hile still maintaining ease of setup and diagnostics designed for pump operators and service technicians. The integrated pump specific software allows for a wide range of pumping applications from constant pressure, flow, geothermal, multiple pump booster systems to wet well lift stations and many others. As process variables change, YASKAWA iQPump1000 automatically adjusts pump operating conditions to meet system demand, while maintaining pump performance and protection. The goal is to ensure that the pump is operating at the best efficiency point (BEP) on the curve so that the system produces only what is required, saving energy and decreasing life cycle costs.

Depending on the application, iQPump reduces the demand for energy by 20 to 50% by adjusting pump speed to match a lower flow/pressure. The YASKAWA iQPump1000 is available in three-phase up to 745kW.

To know more about the YASKAWA iQPump1000 please download the following product brochure:

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Download this file (YASKAWA_iQPumpInverter_v1_120414.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA iQPump1000 Product Brochure2158 kB

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