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YASKAWA A1000-0048 with Special Crane Software
Developed for the Special Function, Performance and Safety Demands of the Construction Industry
YASKAWA A1000-0048 for all Types of Crane and Hoist Applications
Enhances Performance and Safety of e.g. Passenger Hoists, Overhead Cranes, Tower Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Hoists etc.
YASKAWA A1000-0048 is the Successor Model for the YASKAWA G7
Gulf-Tech Automation fully Supports you in Replacing your old model VFDs
YASKAWA A1000-0048 can Operate in Ambient Temperatures up to 60°C
The only VFD which is Perfect for the Harsh, Hot and Humid Environmental Conditions in the Middle East

YASKAWA A1000-0048 - The Special Drive for Oustanding Crane & Hoist Performance

YASKAWA A1000-0048 Inverters for Crane and Hoist provide an easy solution to the special demands of crane applications, for hoisting but also traveling movements. It’s proven motor control secures enough torque at any condition while numerous valuable features like the built in brake control, over load detection and others make sure the load is safely moved.

The special software and hardware which allows 200% Starting Torque and 150% Overload for 1 min. secures reliable movement also under heavy load conditions. The YASKAWA A1000-0048 can be used in temperatures up to 60°C and is therefore perfect for the extreme weather conditions in the Middle East. To highlight our confidence and trust in the YASKAWA A1000-0048 a extended warranty of up to 4 years is granted at no extra cost.It is available in three-phase up to 630kW, is the replacement for the highly successful YASKAWA G7 range of inverters and has exceptionally easy set-up (plug and play). The YASKAWA A1000-0048 is available as standard IP20 (NEMA Type 1) / IP00 version.

To know more about the YASKAWA A1000-0048 please download the following product brochure:

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Download this file (YASKAWA_A1000-0048_CraneHoist_v1_1112.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA A1000-0048 Product Brochure422 kB

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