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YASKAWA Overview of Low Voltage VFDs / Inverter Drives
VFDs for all Types of General Purpose as well as Special Purpose (e.g. Lift, Crane, Pump etc.) Applications and Industries

YASKAWA VFD / Inverter Drive Overview

The following is an overview of the YASKAWA low-voltage product range of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) / AC Drive / Variable Speed Drives (VSD) / Inverter Drives (up to 600 Volts) which is available with Gulf-Tech Automation. It ranges from General Purpose to Application Specific (Crane, Pump) inverters to Low Harmonics and Active Front End components.


Inverter Series J1000 V1000 A1000 A1000-0048 L1000A D1000 U1000 iQPump1000
Type / Application  General Purpose General Purpose General Purpose Crane / Hoist Lifts / Elevators Active Front End Low Harmonics Pumping  
Motor Output (1-phase) 230VAC, 0.1-2.2kW 230VAC, 0.1-4.0kW - - - - - -  
Motor Output (3-phase) 200VAC, 0.1-5.5kW 200VAC, 0.1-18.5kW 200VAC, 0.4-110kW - 200VAC, 1.5-45kW 200VAC, 5.0-130kW 200VAC, 5.5-55kW 200VAC, 0.55-310kW  
400VAC, 0.2-5.5kW 400VAC, 0.2-18.5kW 400VAC, 0.4-630kW 400VAC, 0.4-630kW 400VAC, 1.5-110kW 400VAC, 5.0-630kW 400VAC, 3.9-500kW 400VAC, 0.75-745kW  
 - -


600VAC, 1.5kW - 185kW  
Induction Motor X X X X X - X X  
Permanent Magnet Motor - X X X X - X X  
Braking Transistor Built-in X X X (up to 30kW HD) X (up to 30kW HD) X (up to 30kW HD) not required not required -  
Analog Inputs / Outputs 1/1 2/1 3/2 3/2 2/2 3/2 3/2 3/2  
Digital Inputs / Outputs 5/1 6/1 8/4 8/4 8/6 8/4 8/4 8/4  
Encoder Option - - X X X - X -  
Low Harmonics (THDi < 5%) - - - - - X X -  
Regenerative (Feed Power back to Grid) - - - - - X X -  



Please note that the 7- and 5-series of YASKAWA (formerly also sold under the OMRON brand) is obsolete and no longer available (e.g. G7, G5, F7, P7, L7, V7, J7 etc.). If you forward us all respective details we will select the successor product / 1 to 1 replacement from the range of current products. More information on replacement of obsolete series is available at the Knowledge Base on this Website.

For Hydraulic Lift Solutions you might also contact us to get to know more about the YASKAWA L1000H which is available in combination with a Blain EV4 Valve System.

Additionally to above VFDs we can offer the full range of related YASKAWA VFD Accessories:

  • PG-Cards (for encoder feedback)
  • CDBR-Units (Braking Transistors for Braking Resistor Connection)
  • Fieldbus Connection Options (e.g. PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP, EtherCat etc.)
  • I/O Option Cards
  • USB-Copy Units & Digital Operator Panels
  • etc.

Please find below the YASKAWA Product as well as Accessory Overview Brochure as a download:


FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (YASKAWA_InverterAccessories_v1_0713.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA Overview Accessories2622 kB
Download this file (YASKAWA_OverviewInverters_v8_1214.pdf)DownloadYASKAWA Overview VFDs / Inverters2072 kB

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