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VIPA StarterKits - Easy and Quick Startup for Training and Installations
Complete Packages with CPU, Input- / Output Modules, Wires and other Accessories

VIPA's StarterKit for Training and Quick and Easy Startup

The VIPA StarterKits are designed to allow newcomers immediate entry into the main product groups of the VIPA scope of supply by means of a complete product set. With this, it should be easier for the user to decide on new system configurations, in which he can first test the technology with the StarterKits and thereby save costs. The products included in the StarterKits are significantly subsidized, so that we can make possible a cost-effective introduction for every user.

Depending on the product category the StarterKits include all hardware components required for the operational setup as well as some of the programming and parameterization software required for the unit configuration and/or the device master file (GSD). For transportation and presentation all components of the StarterKits are in a robust transport case.

Those Starter Kits are also perfect for Universities and other Training Institutes as they are already contain everything required for Training / Demo Units. We have special educational prices for such institutes available.

Performance and deployment
The StarterKits are assembled so that they are ready for use by the accessories and software included and also allow new users a quick start into the application. The combination of the single controller components and the accessories allows a practical and variable setup without additional parts. The robust transport case, which is supplied with each StarterKit, protects the single components from mechanical damage even with repeated use, for example during presentations.

The hardware components included in the StarterKit are identical to the components which are available separately and perform in the same way. In this respect, the data given in the documentation and in this catalog apply to the components of the StarterKit.

In particular, the purpose of the two technology StarterKits for PROFINET and EtherCAT is to give the user an understanding of modern PROFINET or EtherCAT communication and to allow him to try it out in practice. Here our support team will gladly help you with the first steps, even if you entering new territory.


To know more about the VIPA StarterKits please download the following product brochure:

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Download this file (2014_01_VIPA_StarterKits.pdf)DownloadVIPA StarterKits Product Brochure384 kB

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