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VIPA 300S High Performance & High Speed PLC System
Extraordinary Performance Thanks to the VIPA SPEED7 Chipset / Processor
VIPA 300S Modules as 100% Compatible Replacement for SIEMENS S7-300
Identical / Similar Product Codes and Same Performance Make VIPA 300S the Perfect Sparepart for your SIEMENS S7-300 PLC

300S - VIPA's High Speed and High Performance Modular PLC System

VIPA 300S is both a compact and a modular expandable system. 300S is designed for centralized and decentralized automation tasks in the manufacturing and process industry up to the highest power range. With a central extension of up to 32 modules directly to the CPU and up to 126 fieldbus slave modules, it is deployable almost anywhere. The module size allows use in almost any automation environment.

Many VIPA modules from the 300S system can be used as a 1 to 1 replacement for SIEMENS S7-300 series modules. Even the product codes are mostly similar. Hence, 300S modules are perfect to keep as spares for SIEMENS S7-300 run PLCs. They are 100% compatible and replacing defective SIEMENS modules with VIPA is only plug- and play (no change in program necessary for I/O modules etc.).

The assembly is extremely simple. First, the backplane bus connectors for communication between the modules and the CPU are entered from behind and then the modules are individually placed and secured on the rail and screwed down. The backplane bus connectors are supplied with the I/O modules. In the SPEED-Bus, the bus connection takes place via a SPEED-Bus terminal strip (PCB) integrated in the profile rail. The SPEED-Bus modules are mounted on the left of the CPU - depending on bus length 2, 6 or 10 SPEED-Bus modules can be deployed.

Performance and Application
300S is designed for centralized and decentralized automation tasks. The integrated SPEED7 ASIC system 300S is among the world's fastest automation systems. A wide range of CPU options makes the system universally deployable. The selection ranges from C-class CPUs with integrated I/O peripherals for smaller applications up to CPU versions with built-in Ethernet, fieldbus master interfaces, and High-Speed-Bus.

The CPU versions with integrated SPEED-Bus have been especially developed for automation tasks with very high demands on performance. Furthermore special high-speed modules for communication and for digital as well as analog signal processing are available.

300S is programmed with VIPA WinPLC7 / VIPA SPEED7 Studio or with Siemens STEP7 in LAD, FBD and STL or with Siemens TIA Portal.

The CPUs in 300S have the work and load memory already integrated. Depending on the CPU variant different work memory are available for the user. The work and load memory can be adapted to the needs of memory card by plugging in an MCC memory expansion card. To back up program and data standard MMC cards are also supported.

For the connection of sensors and actuators, a variety of signal modules are available for recording digital and analog signals into and out of the process is available - also as high-speed modules for SPEED-Bus. Measurements and the control of pressures, temperatures, flow rates and levels are realized at the highest level with the measurement and control modules.

An Ethernet programming interface is integrated on all CPUs in system 300S. Ethernet communication processors link 300S horizontally and vertically into network structures. Therefore, all relevant data are made available to the
connected host systems. 300S offers fieldbus master and slave modules with different fieldbus protocols and can act as a master controller or as a subordinate fieldbus slave unit. Multi-master applications with very high performance of communication can be implemented via the fieldbus master module for SPEED-Bus.


To know more about the VIPA 300S Series please download the following product brochure:

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