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Incremental, Absolute Encoders & Linear Measurement
Incremental Encoders with Accessories
Different sizes of Flanges and Couplings available for each encoder to fit your application
Hollow Shaft Encoders
Available e.g. as a replacement for HEIDENHAIN ROD420
Linear Measurement Sensors
Easiest assembly

HOHNER - Absolute and Incremental Encoders and Linear Measurement

HOHNER Encoders are renowned are known for their ruggedness and high performance under extreme (e.g. dustry / hot / humid) environmental conditions (encoders with operation ranges of up to 85°C available). The product portfolio of HOHNER encompasses absolute and incremental encoders as well as linear measurement for all types of applications and industries. The heavy duty encoders from HOHNER are available from 24mm up to 90mm (Shaft) and 4mm to 42mm (Hollow Shaft). They offer all types of output signals (e.g. SSI, Analogue, BISS, SIN/COS etc.) and cable connectivity with resolutions up to 50.000 pulses. There are also specific fieldbus encoders available which can be connected to e.g. PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CanOpen, DeviceNet etc.

HOHNER Hollow Shaft and Shaft Encoders can replace almost every model of other brands of encoders. Just forward us the model code of the brand you are having and we will propose a 1 to 1 replacement. We are for example offering a 100% compatible 1 to 1 replacement for the HEIDENHAIN ERN1387 - the HOHNER SMRS64S. Contact us also for any customized solutions required.

To know more about HOHNER encoders and linear measurement please download the following product brochures:

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Download this file (HOHNER_Full_Catalogue_2015.pdf)DownloadHOHNER Full Product Brochure5831 kB
Download this file (HOHNER_Leaflet_2015.pdf)DownloadHOHNER Product Leaflet1162 kB

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