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Fairford Softstarters
Offering some of the most reliable softstarters in the industry, Fairford has more than 30 years experience in the field

FAIRFORD Low Voltage Softstarters Overview

Fairford has four major product lines in the Low Voltage Softstarters sector:


- synergy

With a unique combination of features, performance and size, Fairford has redefined the benchmark for soft starter design. The incorporation of Fairford’s unique iERS technology allows synergy to deliver unrivalled soft start performance alongside energy saving capability on partially loaded motors.


With ratings from 2.2kW to 22kW, the PFE is ideally placed to support smaller AC induction motors. Easy DIN rail mounting makes the PFE the natural choice.


The DFE is Fairford’s internally bypassed, non-optimising Soft Starter which is perfect for panel builders and end users alike. To the user it offers competitive pricing, soft stopping and the removal of high transient currents.


This is the ideal ‘retrofit’ energy optimising solution for Soft Starting single phase compressors such as those used in Supermarket refrigerators and chillers etc., and can yield between 10 -32% energy savings. 


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