SUPER ENERGY SAVING MEDIUM VOLTAGEINVERTER The FSDrive-MV1S inverter is the result of Yaskawa’s search for an inverter that is both easy to use and offers improved operability and monitoring. By using the FSDrive-MV1S with either general purpose machines or those powered by wind or water, you can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions to help stop global […]

G7 Drive

Introducing the New Global Standard: 3-Level Control Inverters that pursue high performance and ease of use in consideration of the usage environment around the world can meet high technical demands with high performance and high functionality.  In the 400 V class, the 3-level control method is adopted for the general-purpose inverter for the first time […]

G5 Drive

The G5 drive is a general-purpose drive, intended for a broad range of applications in Industrial Automation. Accordingly, it is available with many choices of I/O, communications, and software. It isavailable in constant torque ratings,3/4 to 500 horsepower. The G5 HHP is available to 1500 HP.

J1000 Drives

Ultra Compact Drive The J1000 meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy-saving characteristics. A wide range of useful functions upgrade your machine and offer great potentials.

PG – Encoder Cards

By installing this option card to a drive, the drive is able to read a feedback signal send from a pulse generator (PG) attached to the motor. This PG signal lets the drive know about any subtle variations in the load, and provides the drive with the data necessary for controlling the output frequency to […]

R1000 Drive

The R1000 regenerative braking unit is a smart and efficient alternative to dynamic braking for single or multi-axis drive installations with a high amount regenerative motor operation. Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and systems of inverter drives, servo axis or robots, the R1000 feeds excess braking energy back into the power grid instead of […]

D1000 Active Front End

The Yaskawa D1000 regenerative converter unit saves energy and space. Suitable for both regenerative individual drives and systems of AC drives, servo axes or robots, the D1000 feeds excess braking energy back into the grid instead of converting it into heat. This not only reduces energy consumption and cost but also contributes to the protection […]

Sigma 2 & 5 Servo Drives

Sigma II Amplifier is the ultimate servo solution for your automation needs. A single-axis controller and a variety of network interface modules can be attached to the amplifier for the utmost flexibility. The Sigma II amplifier utilizes serial encoder technology to automatically recognize Sigma II rotary and linear servomotors. The highly successful YASKAWA Sigma-2 (Sigma-II) […]