With a unique combination of features, performance and size, Motortronics has redefined the benchmark for soft starter design. The incorporation of Motortronics’ unique iERS technology allows VMX-synergy™ to deliver unrivalled soft start performance alongside energy saving capability on partially loaded motors. With product size and cabinet capacity becoming an increasing focus we developed VMX-synergy™ to […]


With ratings from 2.2kW to 22kW, the VMX-PFE™ is ideally placed to support smaller AC induction motors. Easy DIN rail mounting makes the VMX-PFE™ the natural choice for distributors and customers alike. Benefiting from Motortronics’ excellence in engineering, the VMX-PFE™ combines the quality and reliability you have come to expect. This is one product that […]


VMX-agility™ has been developed to exceed the exacting demands of industrial automation motor control clients. VMX-agility™ delivers stable start and stop ramps for smooth, efficient performance. Three standard frame sizes cover all typical applications from 7.5kW to 250kW at 500VAC, 15 – 350HP at 600VAC. 3S advanced starting technology i23 application profiles single or three […]

MVC4 Motorstarter

Game Changing Soft Starters The MVC4 Medium Voltage Series Soft Starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with “True Thermal Modeling,” while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC4 Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets. up to 15kV […]